Dig 22 Productions was founded by Walter E. Jacobson, M.D. Our mission is to produce well-crafted and incredibly funny films that will appeal to people of all ages and resonate with both domestic and international audiences, as well as generate a healthy return on investment.

In addition to producing the built-in sequel to Baxter’s Brain, Dig 22 Productions has 3 film projects in development: Westward Ha!, a spoof of the Lewis and Clark Expedition; Festival, a spoof of the annual Coachella music and arts festival, and Broken Soldiers, an action-adventure comedy (Think: The Dirty Dozen meets Mission: Impossible with lots of laughs). Our films will employ over-the-top comedic set pieces that will have audiences howling with laughter and begging for more!

As well as running a successful psychiatry practice, Jacobson has written three books: Forgive To Win! (a personal development self-help book), Einstein’s Cosmic Journey (a semi-biographical fantasy novella), and Bazo (a children’s book about love and unselfish sacrifice). He has a You Tube channel, Shrink Bites, with over 750 videos, and gives talks on forgiveness, relationships and A Course In Miracles. He previously worked in Script Development at Warner Brothers Studios and created, wrote, and produced his own series, Poor Walter’s Almanac, a weekly, satiric cable TV show which ran for six years. He has appeared as an actor in the TV series, ROSEANNE, and the feature film, No Way Back, and completed multiple film production and financing courses at UCLA.

After being in private practice for nearly 25 years, Jacobson is retiring from medicine to produce movies. He founded Dig 22 Productions because of his great desire to entertain people, to make people laugh, and to infuse his films with humanistic themes and ideals that will elevate the collective consciousness of society. https://www.imdb.com/videoproembed/vi1105242393

Walter E. Jacobson